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Judaism, Christianity and Islam

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Bahrain Declaration

In accordance with the directives of His Majesty Sheikh Hamad Bin Issa Al-Khalifah, King of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and in response to a proposal by His All Holiness The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, and to enhance cooperation between Muslims and Christians on the road to reinforcing peaceful coexistence and international cooperation between them, and exchanging views on contemporary issues of mutual importance to establish a mutual base of understanding between believers from both religions, to achieve peaceful coexistence on three levels : local, regional and international, and to lay the foundations of world peace that are based on the common basis embodied in the values matrix that combines the divine message of Islam and Christianity.

By hosting the 10th Session of the Muslim Christian Dialogue Conference in accordance with its rooted belief in the importance of dialogue on all levels, Bahrain, calls all peoples and nations to work on reinforcing the dialogue methodology in search of peaceful coexistence and the negation of violence; it also calls for exchanging views on contemporary issues in the service of humanity and for achieving security and happiness for mankind, and sparing mankind the dangers of conflict, reminding all peoples and nations at the same time of the noble principles embodied in both messages of Islam and Christianity for the achievement of mutual coexistence, the respect of religious and national specificities, encouraging constructive cooperation and supporting the efforts of Muslim and Christian scholars and intellectuals in crystallizing bases of peaceful coexistence and respect for the other, in accordance with the teachings of Islam and Christianity.

And building on the aims of this Conference in which Muslims and Christians assembled for constructive purposeful dialogue, the participants assert the following :

    Continue with dialogue, and encourage efforts aimed at cooperation for achieving peaceful coexistence.
    Cooperate, after the Interreligious Dialogue, in healing the traumatic experiences of the historic past, by taking concrete initiatives addressed to the local society, so as to remove negative prejudices and to foster respect among their faithful for the particularity of other religious traditions.
    Work together in an international perspective on modern interreligious dialogue to promote the idea of peace with freedom and social justice and to extend protection for human rights to relations between peoples and nations on a global scale.
    Realize that violence breeds violence, and suppression breeds animosity and hatred, so concerned authorities should stand up to tackle violence through constructive dialogue rather than repression.
    Highlight religion's principles, tolerance and mercy to mankind and give the real image for its purposes which were drawn to achieve happiness for mankind and establish security, safety and peaceful coexistence on earth.
    Respect national, religious and cultural specificities for each society.
    Remove obstructions that stop people from understanding properly and correctly their religion.
    Urge civil society organizations in every community to assume their role in protecting individuals from confused intellectual invasion, and protecting them mentally, psychologically and ethically from the negative aspects in this regard.
    Care for the rights of the human being and to work towards realizing his security and safety by making sure that concerned authorities are doing what they are entrusted with in this regard
    Spread the right understanding of Islam and Christianity to all concerned individuals through education and mass media a correct method that reverts to authentic accepted sources of each religion for information on that religion.

The participants and organizers of the Conference are delighted to convey their heartfelt feelings of gratitude and appreciation to His Majesty Sheikh Hamad Bin Issa Al-Khalifah the King of Bahrain for his support to the Conference, in spite of his compelling engagements, in accordance with His Majesty's belief in the necessity of supporting the spirit of cooperation, understanding and love among nations and peoples.

The participants also highly commended the spirit of fraternity, mutual harmony, love and objectivity that characterized their Conference, expressing their appreciation to the people and government of Bahrain for the hospitality extended to them. The participants and organizers also expressed their gratitude to His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khaled Al-Khalifah, Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain who patronized the Conference representing His Majesty Sheikh Hamad Bin Issa Al-Khalifah King of the Kingdom of Bahrain, His Grace Bishop Emmanuel of Reghion, Director of the Office of Interreligious and Intercultural Relations of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, to all Muslim and Christian scholars and intellectuals for their papers, commentaries and discussions during the Conference, and to all chairpersons and members of the committees working in the preparations for this Conference.

May God Almighty grant success to mankind in the road to righteousness and wisdom.